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About IHP

The International Honors Program (IHP) at the College of Commerce, Kai Nan University was established in 2005 with the purpose of cultivating professional English-speaking management talents with an international perspective. Initially, the program only admitted international students, but starting in 2022, IHP opened up to Taiwanese students to create a more diverse English-learning environment.

The teaching objective of IHP is to "cultivate talents with diverse thinking, international perspectives, and cross-national management abilities." This academic program offers two specializations for students to choose from: "International Business Management" and "Hospitality Management". The curriculum is designed around the core subjects of "enterprise management," "enterprise innovation," and "creative marketing," with all courses taught in English. The program offers a platform for sharing information and ideas among students from different nationalities. We aim to cultivate students' abilities in four core areas: "business management knowledge and skills," "communication and coordination abilities," "international perspectives and foreign language abilities," and "logical thinking and decision-making analysis abilities."


【Curriculum Highlights】
1. Interpersonal Communication: Strengthening workplace communication skills.
2. Financial Management: Familiarizing students with accounting standards and financial statements.
3. Marketing and E-commerce: Expanding international markets through internet marketing.
4. Leadership and Organizational Behavior: Effectively leading members to achieve organizational goals.


【Program Features】
1. All English-language curriculum: Focusing on both business management expertise and English language skills, cultivating international competitiveness.
2. Cultural Diversity: Local and international students attend classes together, learning and adapting to cultural differences.
3. Study Abroad Exchange: Cooperating with exchange programs or double-degree programs with multiple countries in Europe, America, Japan, Korea, etc.
4. Enterprise Internship: IHP cooperates with industry to offer domestic or overseas internships for fourth-year students to accumulate practical experience early on.


【Career Prospects after Graduation】

1.Applying for graduate schools in English-speaking countries.
2.Pursuing positions in marketing, finance, human resources, sales, public relations, and data analysis at foreign companies in Taiwan, overseas enterprises, or foreign branch offices of corporations.
3.Serving as management personnel in multinational restaurants and hotels.
4.Starting your own business or taking over a family business.